Google Chrome is a pretty slick web browser. It’s fast, doesn’t have a lot of toolbars cluttering the window, and runs each browser tab as a separate process which makes it harder to crash the whole browser. But there’s one thing that’s kept me from switching to Chrome full-time: The lack of a good way to synchronize your browser settings over the internet.

If you use Firefox, you can install the 
Mozilla Weave 
or Xmarks extensions to synchronize your bookmarks and other settings across multiple computers. Add a bookmark on one machine and it will show up in Firefox on your other machine. If you use multiple computers on a regular basis, this can be a killer feature. And Chrome doesn’t have it… yet.

But according to a message on the Chromium development list, Google plans to add the ability to synchronize your settings using your Google account. 

The feature will first be available in the experimental “Chromium” builds of the browser, but should eventually make their way to the stable Google Chrome release. At first, Google Chrome will only offer bookmark synchronization. The ability to synchronize other preferences and data may come in the future. 

In a way, this should all be old hat for Google. After all, one of the first bookmark synchronization plugins for Firefox was the now-defunct Google Browser Sync