Just Like Icarus

  • 1388/5/15
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Even if you can find a cheap airfare, the cost of travel quickly grows out of hand thanks to security fees, checked baggage fees and now fees for snacks, blankets and pillows. A young man in China seems to have taken the do-it-yourself approach to avoiding all of these problems. Using a motorcycle engine, wood from native trees, a web-enabled cell phone and a basic education, Wu Zhongyuan has built his own helicopter.


He claims that his flying machine can reach a height of 800 meters and cost less that $1600 to build.


“I didn’t have a design,” Wu Zhongyuan said. “The only source for me to get relevant knowledge was surfing the internet via my mobile phone.”


Good luck, buddy. Don’t forget to pack a helmet and don’t fly too close to the sun.

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